Crafter beginner’s guide: Tips and Skill combinations


I became a mentor of crafting the other day! So I think it is a good timing to share tips of crafting with novice crafters. These are my tips and skill combinations to use. Hope it will help your crafter life in Eorzea!

Before you start making, open the efficiency calculation window

Before you start making, I recommend to open the window for how much progress you can make with skills.

Once you selected the recipe, press △ or Y if you are using controller, or click “Calculations” if you are using mouse and keyboard. Then the Calculation window pop up and show you how much progress you can make with each skill.

There are some tabs and you can see also how much quality you can get from each skills as well.

The numbers will change depending on buffs. E.g. if you use skill “Veneration” number of progress will increase.

Be careful! It only shows you “how much you can make a progress IF THE SKILL SUCCESSES.” For example, “Rapid Synthesis” only has a 50% success rate. You need to understand these skill character as well.

In the picture, if I want to make coffee biscuit with only using Basic Synthesis, I need to use the skill 5 times. I have 30 durability to increase quality.

Skills you must know

I made a skill list that you must know how to use. Also I added some skill sets to use. There is a required CP. Red color skills are the most important skill to help you. Please check them out!!

Level 1 – 20

Inner Quiet (CP: 18) (Lv. 11): This is the most important skill that you must use. When you start making items, use this skill first. (This skill is no longer available in patch 6.0)

→ “Inner quiet” will start stuck up once you start any kind of skills to increase quality. It gives more quality depends on how much you already stack up to 10

Waste Not (CP: 56) (Lv. 15): Reduces loss of durability by 50% for the next four steps. The con is that CP is a bit much at this Lv.

Veneration (CP: 18) (Lv. 15): Increases efficiency of Synthesis actions by 50% for the next four steps.

The following skills are helpful when you are higher level.

  • Master’s Mend (Lv. 7) (CP: 88): Restores item durability by 30 *at this Lv, the CP is too much to use
  • Observe (Lv. 13) (CP:7): Do nothing for one step. *you might use this skill to change the condition. This skill will be useful after Lv. 67

Level 21 – 40

Great Strides (CP: 32) (Lv. 21): Increases the efficiency of next Touch action by 100%.
Effect active for three steps.

Innovation (CP: 18) (Lv. 26): Increases efficiency of Touch actions by 50% for the next four steps.


These two are good to use together. E.g.: Innovation → Basic Touch → Standard Touch → Great Strides → Basic Touch (Until Lv. 50) (Required CP: 104) Better to use this skill set later of making process, so that you already stacked up some Inner Quiet buff.

Name of the Elements (CP: 30) / Brand of the Elements (CP: 6) (Lv. 37): For the next 3 steps, Brand of the Elements efficiency is increased by up to 200%. Increase determined by current progress. Can only be used once per synthesis.


These skills are no longer available on patch 6.0

Lv. 41 – 60

Final Appraisal (CP: 1) (Lv. 42): The next action that would complete item synthesis will instead leave one progress point remaining. Effect active for five steps.

→You might use this skill after you learn “Muscle Memory” Lv. 54

Waste Not II (CP: 98) (Lv. 47): Reduces loss of durability by 50% for the next eight steps. Depending on the situation, you need to chose either Waste Not or Waste Not II

Byregot’s Blessing (CP: 24) (Lv. 50): Increases quality. Inner Quiet effect ends upon use. You must use “Inner Quiet” at the beginning otherwise you can’t use “Byregot’s Blessing


This is a powerful and useful skill! When you finish the quality increasing phase, the skills are going to be “Innovation → Basic Touch → Standard Touch → Great Strides → Byregot’s Blessing (Required CP: 110)

Muscle Memory (CP: 6) (Lv. 54): Available only on the first step. Additional effect is active for five steps.


It is worth to use at the first step! However, if you can make it to 100 progress with using “Muscle Memory“, you can’t increase the quality… Don’t worry! You can use “Final Appraisal” at the first, then use “Muscle Memory” so that you wouldn’t finish making!

E.g.: Final Appraisal (Only needed if you will finish making with Muscle Memory” or the next synthesize) → Muscle MemoryBasic Synthesis

Lv. 61 – 70

Careful Synthesis (CP: 7) (LV. 62): Increases progress. Efficiency: 150% → It costs CP, but 150% efficiency will be worth.

Manipulation (CP: 96) (Lv. 65): Restores 5 points of durability after each step for the next eight steps. → Restoration happens after you use the skill. If you already used Manipulation and it is still working, and durability left 10, then you use Basic synthesize, it will broke if you can’t make it this synthesize.

You can learn “Manipulation” when you finish Lv. 65 Job quest.


This is a super useful skill!! You can combinate it with Waste Not!

E.g.: ManipulationWaste Not then all the skill needs 10 durability uses no durability! (Waste Not reduce used durability half, 5, then Manipulation restore 5 durability, so no durability reduced!)

Prudent Touch (CP: 25) (Lv. 66): Increases quality at half the durability cost. Unavailable when Waste Not or Waste Not II are active.


If you use Prudent Touch when Manipulation buff is on, no durability reduced. (Prudent Touch uses 5 durability and Manipulation restores 5 durability after the step)

Focused Synthesis (CP: 5) (Lv. 67): Increases progress. Efficiency: 200% → You must use skill with Observe, otherwise the success rate is 50%.


You can save half durability with this skills because Efficiency 200% with 10 durability.

E.g.: Veneration → Observe Focused Synthesis →Observe Focused Synthesis (Required CP: 42)

Focused Touch (CP: 18) (Lv. 68): Increases quality. Efficiency: 150% → You must use skill with Observe, otherwise the success rate is 50%.


It is useful if when Manipulation buff is on, because it doesn’t use durability.

E.g.:(Manipulation) → Innovation (5 durability restored) → Observe (5 durability restored) → Focused Touch (5 durability used) → Observe (5 durability restored) → Focused Touch (5 durability used). You can see no durability was reduced in this skill sets!

Reflect (CP: 24) (Lv. 69): Increases quality and increases Inner Quiet stack by three (up to 11) → If you use Reflect at the first step, you don’t need to use “Inner Quiet”


Now you have two options for the first step. Muscle Memory or Reflect. I usually choose “Muscle Memory” when making items with lower durability, like 35 or 40. Use “Reflect” when making with higher durability, like 70 or 80. But it is depends on your gears and recipe.

Lv. 71 – 80

Preparatory Touch (CP: 40) (Lv. 71): Increases quality at a greater cost to durability. Additional Effect: Increases Inner Quiet stack by one (up to 11) Efficiency: 200%. Durability cost: 20 → it is helpful to stack up Inner Quiet buff

Groundwork (CP: 18) (Lv. 72): Increases progress at greater cost to durability.
Efficiency decreases by half when durability is below durability cost. Efficiency: 300% Durability cost: 20


I used these two skills with Manipulation and Waste Not. Then Durability cost will decrease by 5.

Delicate Synthesis (CP: 32) (Lv. 76): Increases both progress and quality.


For me, this skill is for emergency lol

Like there is only 10 durability left, but I want to increase quality a bit as well, then I use this skill.

Trained Eye (CP: 250) (Lv. 80): Increases quality by 100%. Available only on the first step. Recipe level must be at least 10 levels below yours.


If you want to do Guildleve, beast tribe quest, or lower level custom delivery after your crafter Lv. 80, this will be super helpful!

All right! I didn’t cover all the skills because it will make you confused. So I picked the useful skills only. (I didn’t pick skills that you can use only good conditions etc…) Hope it will help you and after you learn more about crafters, please check other skills as well!


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