Do you want to glow your weapon all the time? Here is the macro!

Daily play

I’m sorry I didn’t post the blog recently… I was busy making my RDM Resistance Weapon and finally I made it!

It glows if you hold the weapon, but usually, it is not glowing. I put a lot of effort to make the Resistance Weapon, so I want to enjoy more the glowing weapon!!! You too, right?

So here is the macro to make the weapon glow all the time.

/macroerror off
/bm on
/sit <wait.1>

After you use this macro, it looks like this!

It is glowing even though my character doesn’t hold it!

The weapon will stop glowing if

A) you move to the different map

B) you attack enemies and finish the fight

Enjoy your glowing weapon all the time guys!


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