What is the easiest way to get “Hidden item” by gatherers


While you are doing gatherers job quests (Botanist and Miner), they ask you to get some “Hidden items.” However, because it is “Hidden,” it sometimes takes so long to collect them. So I will give you a tip on how to get them a bit easier.

Point.1 You don’t need to actually log or mine.

When you are logging or mining “Hidden items,” you go to 4 or 6 spots in rotation. However, you don’t need to log or mine other normal items. You need only to open the spot and check the items, and if there are no hidden items, you just finish logging or mining and move to the next spot because the items will be changed after you open the other two spots. Let me explain with pictures.

So you open and check spot A (if there is a hidden item, you can log or mine, if not, just close the window)

  • Move to spot B, open and check items.
  • Move to spot C, open and check items.
  • After you close the window of spot C, Spot A might move a bit, and also Spot A’s items might change
  • Move to spot D, open and check items.
  • After you close the window of spot D, Spot B might move a bit, and also Spot B’s items might change
  • Move back to the new spot A

So don’t worry if you can’t find the hidden items, keep moving in rotation, and you will find them.

Point 2. Use skill, “Luck of the Pioneer” (Botanist) or “Luck of the Mountaineer” (Miner) for finding treasure maps

You will learn these skills when you reach level 55. The skill requires two chains of HQ (you need to get HQ items three times in a row.) After you use the skill, you can find the hidden items. (Some places don’t have any hidden items, though)

Also, if you are higher level and put on some good gears, you can come across the spot having 100% chance of getting HQ.

If you find the spot, just get any HQ items three times, and use the skill to get Hidden items. But you can get only one “Hidden item,” so I recommend you to use this technic to find treasure maps.

All right! So that is for today, and I hope these tips will help you!


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