Farming Yellow and White Gatherer Scrips! Schedule and alarm macro


I focused on more crafters than gatherer, but seems like I need to get higher item level gears for my gatherers as well if I want to make higher gears for my crafters.

I need to get Folklore for Norvrandt area. Each folklore needs 40 Regional Folklore Trader’s Token, and each token needs 100 Gatherer Yellow scrips… It means I need total 40 x 100 x 2 (Botanist and Miner for now lol) = 8,000 Gatherer Yellow Scrips.


You can exchange Scrips to Folklore Trader’s Token from any Scrip Exchange person. Check “Yellow Gatherers’ Scrips Exchange (Lv.70 Items)”. Then, you can exchange these token to Folklores from the Splendors Vendor @Eulmore (X:11.7 Y:10.9)

Also, I need White Gatherer Scrips to get Landsaint series. That means…. I need to farm White/Yellow gatherer scrips!!! I made a schedule for me, and I share it with you.

These will pop up both am/pm. White/Yellow Script amount is that you deliver the 1000 collectability one.

Some places have two items that you need to choose which one to collect. E.g., 02:00-04:00 @Twine, there are Rarefied Amber Cloves and Rarefied Sandteak Log. If you want to get White Gatherer Scrips, you will need Rarefied Amber Cloves, and if you need Yellow Gatherer Scrips, you should collect Rarefied Sandteak Log.


If the items are for level 80, it means that you will get White Gatherer Scrips, others are for Yellow Gatherer Scrips!

The yellow marked ones (Rarefied Urunday Log and Rarefied Gyr Abanian Alumen) are in Stormblood area, so honestly I don’t go there to get them because of the high teleportation fee…

I recommend that your GP is more than 700. You need at least 400 GP for 1 item if you want to get 1,000 collectability ones. Make sure if you have more than 400 GP before you start collecting items. Once you open the window, your GP is not restore. If you close the window, the place will be gone until the next round.

If you need an alarm macro, here it is. You can only set 10 alarms at once, so am/pm are divided. (B: botanist, M: Miner)

/alarm clear
/alarm "B: Twine Cloves" et rp 0200 1
/alarm "M: Ondo Tungsten" et rp 0200 1
/alarm "B: Ondo Coral" et rp 0400 1
/alarm "M: Fort Jobb Petalite" et rp 0400 1
/alarm "M: Slitherbough Lazurite" et rp 0600 1
/alarm "B: Stilltide White Oak" et rp 0800 1
/alarm "M: Ondo Onyx" et rp 0800 1
/alarm "B: Lydha Lran Apple" et rp 1000 1
/alarm clear
/alarm "B: Twine Cloves" et rp 1400 1
/alarm "M: Ondo Tungsten" et rp 1400 1
/alarm "B: Ondo Coral" et rp 1600 1
/alarm "M: Fort Jobb Petalite" et rp 1600 1
/alarm "M: Slitherbough Lazurite" et rp 1800 1
/alarm "B: Stilltide White Oak" et rp 2000 1
/alarm "M: Ondo Onyx" et rp 2000 1
/alarm "B: Lydha Lran Apple" et rp 2200 1

My Schedule for collectable items

  • ET 0:00-02:00: Make the inventory space, deliver all the collectable items at Eulmore (The Crystarium doesn’t have place to deliver), making some coffee biscuit
  • ET 02:00-04:00: Teleport to Twine and get either Rarefied Amber Cloves or Rarefied Sandteak Log, then teleport to The Ondo Cups. Wait if the GP is lower than 400. Collect either Rarefied Tungsten Ore or Rarefied Reef Rock. Then you can wait till 04:00 at The Ondo Cups. (Don’t need to teleport)
  • ET 04:00-06:00: Collect either Rarefied Coral or Rarefied Kelp at The Ondo Cups. Teleport to Fort Jobb. (I collect Dimythrite Ore or Titancopper Ore for my crafter’s scrips if I have time and don’t have more than GP 400) Get either Rarefied Raw Petalite or Rarefied Titancopper Ore (These give you the same amount of scrips) Teleport to Slitherbough and wait
  • ET 06:00-08:00: Get Rarefied Raw Lazurite at Slitherbough. (If the inventory is getting full, teleport to Eulmore and deliver all collectable items. If not, teleport to Stilltide and get Upland Wheat for coffee biscuit lol)
  • ET08:00-10:00: Collect Rarefied White Oak Log at Stilltide and teleport to The Ondo Cups. Get either Rarefied Raw Onyx or Rarefied Sea Salt. Teleport to Lydha Lran
  • ET10:00-12:00: Get either Rarefied Miracle Apple Log or Rarefied Pixie Apple at Lydha Lran. (I collect Garden Beet for coffee biscuit if I don’t have 400GP)
  • Repeat from the top again and again.

All right, so that is for today’s tips. I hope it will help you to farm Yellow and White gatherer scrips. Enjoy your Eorzea life!


  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi, Vivi. Just wanted to thank you for your written guides on scrips farming, they’ve been really helpful. I especially love the alarm macro, it’s really handy. I’ve managed to get my landsaint gatherer set in a short time thanks to this.

  2. Jania says:

    Found this post from a random internet search, and must say thank you very much. Grinded out my full gatherer’s set in 1 day thanks you!

  3. Liz says:

    I just wanted to stop and say thank you for this guide! The spreadsheet screenshot is exactly what I needed and has been a blessing lately.

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    This is a great tip particularly to those new to the blogosphere.
    Brief but very precise information… Appreciate your sharing this one.
    A must read post!

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