Patch 6.0 Farming White and Purple Gatherer Scrips! Schedule and alarm macro


I finally make my both Botanist and Miner level 90. I started farming Yellow and Purple Gatherer scrips! I need tons of White scrips get folklores.


If you collect a lot of Yellow Scrips before patch 6.0, you can exchange Yellow Scrips to White scrips at Revenant’s Toll


To get folklores for Endwalker, you need 16 Regional Folklore Trader’s Token, and each Token requires 100 White Gatherer’s Scrips. You need three for Botanist, Miner and Fisher. So… total you need 16 x 100 x 3 x 3 = 14,400 White Gatherer Scrips!!!

(I will collect only for Botanist and Miner at first though.. lol If you need only for Botanist and Miner, you will need 9,600 White Gatherer Scrips.)

Schedule for collectable

* means that you need to choose either one of them to collect.

The scrips amount will depend on the collectability of the items. The amount on the list is if the collectability is 1,000.

Alarm Macro


You can set only 10 alarms at once. So please use both AM version and PM version if you need!


/alarm clear
/alarm “B: Poieten Oikos” et rp 0000 1
/alarm “M: Archeion” et rp 0000 1
/alarm “B: Great Work” et rp 0200 1
/alarm “M: Broken Glass” et rp 0200 1
/alarm “B: Tertium” et rp 0400 1
/alarm “M: Palaka” et rp 0400 1
/alarm “B: Aporia” et rp 0600 1
/alarm “M: Sinus Lacrimarum” et rp 0600 1
/alarm “B: Reah Tahra” et rp 0800 1
/alarm “M: Twelve Wonders” et rp 1000 1


/alarm clear
/alarm “B: Oikos” et rp 1200 1
/alarm “M: Archeion” et rp 1200 1
/alarm “B: Great Work” et rp 1400 1
/alarm “M: Broken Glass” et rp 1400 1
/alarm “B: Tertium” et rp 1600 1
/alarm “M: Palaka” et rp 1600 1
/alarm “B: Aporia” et rp 1800 1
/alarm “B: Reah Tahra” et rp 2000 1
/alarm “M: Sinus Lacrimarum” et rp 1800 1
/alarm “M: Twelve Wonders” et rp 2200 1


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