First three tries of Fête – what I got so far (Minions, mount, and Peacelover’s Attire Coffer)


Did you already join on the Fête at Ishgard Firmament?


Where do I need to go and what I should do?

Well, you need to go to The Firmament to join. You can check when the next Fête happens if you are at the Firmament as well.

These are kind a fate, but no battles. So it is not difficult to do it! I messed up at the fist time because of the bad internet connection…

First time: 7 present boxes

  • Gunmetal Black Dye
  • Atrophied Atomos (Minion)
  • Fête Token x 5
Atrophied Atomos

Second Time: 10 present boxes


Third Time: 10 Present boxes

  • Antelope Stag Horn
  • Ballroom Etiquette – Concealing Meals
  • Peacelover’s Attire Coffer
  • Fête Token x 7
Ballroom Etiquette – Concealing Meals
Mount-Antelope Stag
Mount-Antelope Stag
peacelover's attire
peacelover’s attire

I will try more and see what I’m going to get!! Stay tune!


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