How are you doing with Ixali’s delivery quest?


I finally finished Ixali’s beast quest!! FINALLY!!!!

It is easy to get reputation from the daily delivery quest. But I’m not sure how many people are actually “crafting” for the delivery quest. My recommendation to save time is just “buying” them. If you deliver HQ items, you will get double exp, but the reputation points you will get the same either NQ and HQ.

Do you know you can check Ixali’s delivery quest items from contents information?

Main Command -> Duty (The second one from left)-> Timers (The bottom)

So before you teleport to North Shroud, buy the three cheapest items and go there to deliver. I checked the price of first 8 items (which has the highest quota points in the list) and buying three of the cheapest ones. (Highest quota x 3 will be the daily quota. E.g., in the picture below, daily quota is 1,950 = 650 x 3)

*However, for some items, you need to deliver three or six for one delivery. Please check how many items are required for one delivery.

When your reputation rank is honored, I recommend getting food to deliver because these are the cheapest ones.

You can get almost all the food from Ishgard. Also, the destination of the daily quest from Jezul Ahuatan the Second is Coerthas Central Highlands (Camp Dragonhead). So,

  • Go to North Shroud and accept daily quests from Jezul
  • Teleport to Ishgard
  • Go to the market to get delivery quest items (You need to get total 9 foods, but double check how many you need in total)
  • Teleport to gate (The Arc of the Worthy)
  • Do all the daily quests you need to
  • Go back to North Shroud to report
  • Do delivery quests

That was my routine.

One food item, Mulled Tea, is only sold at Kugane… So if you want to save the teleportation fee, you can pick other delivery items. However, most likely, you can get delivery food items from Ishgard market.

Hope this tips will be helpful for you to finish Ixali’s beast tribal quest easier!


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