I finally unlocked “Skysteel tools” -How to unlock them-

My almost all gatherers and crafters are now level 80!! (Except for the fisher… lol) So, I can finally unlock the “Skysteel tools”, which is a shining tool if you upgrade it all the way. I heard it will be a loooong process, but I want to share my progress in the blog.

How to unlock “Skysteel tools”?

There are several requirements to unlock it.

  • At least one of your crafters or gatherers is level 80
  • You must finish the Ishgardian Restoration Main Quests, “Towards the Firmament

After you finish these two requirements, the quest for “Skysteel tool”, Mislaid Plans will be unlocked. You need to talk to “Skysteel Engineer” @Foundation (X: 14.2 Y: 12.5), who is close to the place to go to the Firmament.

You can get one tool for free. But you want to get other job’s tools, you need to buy from Denys @Skysteel Manufactory with 80,000 Gil for each. These tool’s Item Level is 440, Attributes are Craftsmanship +687, Control +373, so better than Handking series (Craftsmanship +568, Control +305), which you can get from Yellow Scrips.

Then you need to upgrade these gears, but yeah, it needs a lot of materials.

I will wait to upgrade after I finish my other gears update. Stay tune 🙂


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