How crafters and gatherers will change in FFXIV patch 6.0?? Is there any thing to prepare?


I can’t wait for patch 6.0! Seems like there are a lot of changes on crafters and gatherers. Let’s see what will be changed.


No more HQ from gatherering

In patch 6.0, there are no more HQ items you can get as a gatherer. So some actions related to quality will be changed.


I stop making Gatherer’s Skysteel tool. I think it will be easier to collect more amount then collet HQ items… Will see!!

No more Yellow Gatherer’s Scrips, but New “Purple Gatherer’s scrips” will come!

Yellow Gatherer’s scrips will be gone.. Purple Gatherer’s scrips will come! So in Ptach 6.0, we need to collect “White Gatherer’s Scrips” and “Purple Scrips”.

If you have Yellow Gatherer’s Scrips, you can exchange it to “White Gatherer’s Scrips”


You can take advantage of it! If you can collect as many as Yellow/White Gatherer’s scrips, all will be “White Gatherer’s Scrips”!!

We will need a lot of “White Gatherer’s Scrips” for exchanging Folklores for the new maps. (This is my guess, if it is not correct, don’t blame me lol)


No more HQ ingredients to craft

NO MORE HQ items from gatherer and monsters, means that all ingredients are NQ. Regarding PLL, Yoshi P said that the difficulty won’t be changed, so will see. But still, we can make intermediate materials (like ingot, threads, and fabric) HQ to craft the last items, like gears.

No more Yellow Crafter’s scrips, but purple Crafter’s scrips will come!

Same as Gatherer’s scrips, Yellow Crafter’s Scrips will be gone. The new Crafter’s scrips, Purple will come!

If you have time, it might be a better idea to collect both Yellow and White Crafter’s scrips. We might need new master recipe for all crafters. We might be able to use White Crafter’s scrips to exchange.

Ready for the new reciepe!

I recommend if you have time, make Aesthete gears with materia melding! It will help your crafting in patch 6.0.


Thank you for all of warm comments! My real life is a bit busier than before, but I will keep updating blog posts to deliver helpful information for all gatherers and crafters!

See you soon!!


  1. Wolfenrir says:

    Hey, I came across your blog while looking for coffe buscuit trick, I ended up reading all of your content here and I just want you to know that once Cross Data Center is a thing I will personally head to Aether at Jenova just to give you a head pat for your hard work here, thank you c:

    • Vivi says:

      Hii Wolfenrir, you are so sweet! Thank you for your comment:) I am so happy to hear that you ended up reading all my articles(*‘ω‘ *) I will keep updating new information once the patch 6.0 releases. I can’t wait to see you in the game and I will give you a big big hug (*ノωノ)

      • Wolfenrir says:

        Will look forward to it 😀 Soon hopefully haha Yes yes please keep up the good work!

      • Wolfenrir says:

        Hey Vivi, I hope you’re enjoying your EW experience, came to check if you had new content haha too bad the DC travel isn’t on yet but I still look forward to go meet you!

        • Vivi says:

          Ohhh hi Wolfenrir! I finished EW main story quest! I really enjoyed it. Hope Data center travel will be released soon. Me too! I look forward to meeting you soon 🙂

  2. Viego says:

    Hey! Will you make new macros for crafter leveling? The skybuilder macros were absolutely amazing!

    • Vivi says:

      Hello Viego, and thank you for your comment! I had hard time to log-in so I couldn’t play a lot at the beginning. But the que is getting better and I finally play some! I posted new article and will come more soon:)

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