I want to make “Aesthete” gears! Where is all the materials? -Spreadsheet for you to count-


Once I decided to make Aesthete gears, I started collecting all the materials. However, it is so complicated.

I made a list for all requires items here on Google spreadsheet. If you want to know how many you need to collect, check it out!

Free to share, but if you share my blog as well, it would be wonderful! Thank you for your help!

Collecting by gatherer

You must need Folklore – Norvrandt first to collect them.


You can exchange Scrips to Folklore Trader’s Token from any Scrip Exchange person. Check “Yellow Gatherers’ Scrips Exchange (Lv.70 Items)”. Then, you can exchange these token to Folklores from the Splendors Vendor @Eulmore (X:11.7 Y:10.9)

  • ET12:00 – 02:00 Tender Dill @Stilltide
  • ET02:00 – 04:00 Brashgold Ore & Fireheart Cobalt @The Ostall Imperative
  • ET04:00 – 06:00 Duskblooms @The Inn at Journey’s Head
  • ET06:00 – 08:00 Purpure Shell Chip @The Macarenses Angle
  • ET08:00 – 10:00 Merbau Log @Lydha Lran or Wolekdorf
  • ET10:00 – 12:00 Ashen Alumen @Twine

Here is a macro for alarm, but you can set only 10 alarms at once (There are total 12 though). So pick whichever you need.


Don’t worry about where the items are. Once you make Truth of Forests (Botanist) or Truth of Mountains (Miner) on, the map tells you where you need to go

The map shows you where you need to go!
/alarm clear

/alarm "B: Stilltide Dill" et rp 0000 1
/alarm "B: Stilltide Dill" et rp 1200 1

/alarm "M: Ostall Brashgold" et rp 0200 1
/alarm "M: Ostall Brashgold" et rp 1400 1

/alarm "B: The Inn Duskblooms" et rp 0400 1
/alarm "B: The Inn Duskblooms" et rp 1600 1

/alarm "M: Macarenses Purpure" et rp 0600 1
/alarm "M: Macarenses Purpure" et rp 1800 1

/alarm "B: Lydha Lran Merbau" et rp 0800 1
/alarm "B: Lydha Lran Merbau" et rp 2000 1

/alarm "M: Twine Alumen" et rp 1000 1
/alarm "M: Twine Alumen" et rp 2200 1

I got lost to find the place for Purpure Shell Chip at the first time. It is in the cave, and the entrance is at (29.1, 29.7, 7.9).

Collect by gatherer (Aetherial Reduction)

I made an article about he details here! You can collect Levinstrike Aethersand 24/7 Eorzea time. Please check it out as well!

Exchange of Allagan Tomestones of Allegory

You can get these items from exchanging of Allagan Tomestones of Allegory. You can get one for 10 Tomestones.

  • Tempest Adhesive
  • Caprice Fleece
  • Megalania Skin
  • Workbench Resin
  • Dwarven Chromite

You can exchange from Aymarkat at Eulmore (X:10.2 Y:11.8), check Allagan Tomestone of Allegory (Other).

Exchange of Yellow Crafters’ scrips (or Hammered Frogments)

I think “Slithersand” is the most hardest one to collect. Each one needs 500 Yellow gatherer scrips. Or you can get one for one Hammered Frogments, which is from Dwarf beast tribal quests. Actually, i unlocked Dwarf daily quests for only this lol

Exchange of White Crafters’ scrips

You can get Sublime Solution from exchanging of White Crafter scrips. Check White Crafters’ Scrip Exchange (Lv. 80 Items) to find.

I hope these information will help you to make your gears for crafters! (I still need to make all tools for my crafters… lol It takes time for me to get enough Slithersand…)


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