Details about Fête mini games. How many points you need for gold.


Hope you enjoy some Fête already, but if you didn’t try yet, there are some information and tips about Fête.


Fête happens every 2 hours a day (total 12 times) if it starts. It is hold around once in 3 days. But the schedule is different in the different server. So please go to The Firmament and check the schedule.

One Fête has five mini games.

  1. A Twist of Fête / 6 points for gold
  2. Made of Softer Stuff / 3 points for gold
  3. Shear-a-Yak / 4 points for gold
  4. Toy Hunter / 4 points for gold
  5. Presents of Mind / 6 points for gold

There is a map where each mini game happening.

A Twist of Fête

You need to join the Fête. (Same as the level sync to join fate) You don’t need to do any thing first minute, last two minutes, you need to mimic what the mascots are doing. Target the mascot with pressing ← or → button, and use the emotes in the hot bar. To get gold, you need 6 or more points for this game.

Made of Softer Stuff

You need to sew a huge stuffy toy and carry it to the car.

You need 3 or more points for gold.


You need 4 or more points for gold. (You will get 1 point to deliver to the NPC)

Toy Hunter

Find a stuffy toy from one of three treasure box! If you find it, deliver it to the NPC.

Check the present box on the ground to find the stuffy toy!
If you fail to find it, you will turn into a piggy, but don’t worry. It will lasts only 5 sec.

You need 4 or more points to get gold.

Presents of Mind

The last mini game! You need to deliver present boxes for certain people. There three different present boxes, for craftsman, for merchant, and for kids. But don’t worry, even though you bring it to wrong person, they won’t receive it lol

You need 6 or more points for gold. You can earn 1 point for each delivery.

These are all 5 mini games in Fête. If you finish all mini games gold, you will get 10 Fête Presents. These might give you Fête Tokens, Peacelover’s Attire Coffer, Antelope Stag Horn, Fête Party Balloons, Fête Skyrise Balloon, rare dye, and minions. Please check what I got here as well.


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