Hello friends!

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Hello, all warriors of light!
This is a gaming blog of FF14. I started playing in January 2021!
I am playing Stormblood expansion right now. I really enjoy playing as crafters and gatherers, but…
I can’t find much information because many people already level 80 and FF14 have changed a lot.
So! I want to figure out what is the best way to level up, make Gils and enjoy the game with other players who started recently (V)o¥o(V)

Let me talk about myself.
I’m playing in Jenova, Aether data center. I’m Japanese but living in North America now. My main role is all crafters and gatherers. So far, I have already reached level 70 of all crafters and gatherers. My sub-role is “Tofu tank” (means the tank who didn’t know the timing of using buffs so easy to die. You know tofu is super soft, right?)
If you find me in ID, please forgive me. I’m still learning! I will try my best!!
Actually, I’m kind of afraid of using the tank for ID, so recently I’m using different role for some ID though lol

My dream is to have a house in Eorzea! So before the new patch starts, I need to make enough Gil for buying a house. Hopefully, I will finish all the main story quests by then. I will be able to enjoy the new patch as soon as possible after it releases.

Okay! I think that everything for now.
I will try to write the blog as often as possible. Oh! One more thing! I’m not a native English speaker and playing FF14 in Japanese (English in the game is difficult, and I couldn’t understand the details of the meanings.) I will try my best to translate from Japanese to English, but if you find any mistakes, let me know to improve my English! I will really appreciate your help(*‘ω‘ *)


  1. Can Sol says:

    Thank you so much for the guides! They are extremely helpful! Please keep up the good work!

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