Is it worth to do “Kugane Guildleve”? -Carpenter Lv. 60 to Lv. 70- Farming crystals!


I used some Kugane Guildleves while I was leveling up my crafters. I was wondering Kugane Guildleve is worth to farm Crystals. I tried three different guildleves and see what I can get and whether it is worth to do.


This time, I did “Carpenter” Guildleve. I only pick the easiest ones, because I am lazy to collect all the materials lol

Actually I could farm some Crystals from Guildleve, please check the result below what I tried.

You can change the reward of Guildleve if you deliver other Guildleve from the same NPC. For example, you want to get Wind Crystal from “Beech please”, you need to accept other Guildleve, and deliver (E.g., Alchemist Guildleve whose reward is Crystal etc…) Then check “Beech please” again. The reward might change to Crystal!

If you are level 80 already, you can use the macro below.(I didn’t make a macro for myself, but set the hotbar to press easily these two buttons lol

/ac "Trained Eye" <wait.3>
/ac "Basic Synthesis"
/echo Done! <se.8>

Lv. 60 Beech please

Item to deliver: Beech lumber x 3 (Because it is charity, you can deliver 3 times with 1 leve allowance)

Required Material: (Beech log X 4, Wind Crystal X 3) x 3

20 times try and what I got (I delivered all HQ)

1(1,103×2)x3beech log8 x 3
2(1,072×2)x3Ice Crystal20 x 3
3(1,082×2)x3beech log5 x 3
4(1,113×2)x3beech log5 x 3
5(1,124×2)x3beech log8 x 3
6(1,103×2)x3beech log5 x 3
7(1,103×2)x3 beech log 5 x 3
8(1,144×2)x3beech log 5 x 3
9(1,082×2)x3beech log 5 x 3
10(1,082×2)x3 beech log 5 x 3
11(1,072×2)x3Ice Crystal 25 x 3
12(1,124×2)x3beech log 5 x 3
13(1,113×2)x3beech log 8 x 3
14(1,103×2)x3beech log 5 x 3
15(978×2)x3Wind Crystal20 x 3
16(947×2)x3Wind Crystal 20 x 3
17(936×2)x3Wind Crystal 20 x 3
18(957×2)x3Wind Crystal 20 x 3
19(947×2)x3Wind Crystal 20 x 3
20(1,134×2)x3beech log 5 x 3

Total I got was Gil: 42,637, Beech log: 222, Wind Crystal: 315, Ice Crystal: 135

What I use: Beech Log: 240, Wind Crystal: 180

So what I gain was: Gil: 42,637, Beech log: 18, Wind Crystal: 135, Ice Crystal: 135

Lv.64 O Pine

Item to deliver: Pine lumber x 1

Required Material: Pine log X 4, Wind Crystal X 4

20 times try and what I got (I delivered all HQ)

11,384×2Pine log8
21,136×2Pine log2
31,136×2Wind Crystal22
41,149×2Wind Crystal28
51,124×2Wind Crystal22
61,124×2Wind Crystal22
71,236×2Ice Crystal22
81,236×2Ice Crystal28
91,211×2Ice Crystal28
101,211×2Ice Crystal22
111,149×2Wind Crystal22
121,149×2Wind Crystal22
131,136×2Wind Crystal22
141,136×2Wind Crystal28
151,136×2Wind Crystal22
161,248×2Ice Crystal22
171,236×2Ice Crystal22
181,124×2Wind Crystal 22
191,124×2Wind Crystal 22
201,174×2Wind Crystal 28

Total I got was Gil: 47,120, Pine Log: 10, Wind Crystal: 282, Ice Crystal: 144

What I use: Pine Log: 80, Wind Crystal: 80

So what I gain was: Gil: 47,120, Pine log: -70, Wind Crystal: 202, Ice Crystal: 144

Lv.68 Zalkova, My Love

Item to deliver: Zelkova lumber x 1

Required Material: Zelkova log X 4, Wind Crystal X 5

20 times try and what I got (I delivered all HQ)

Gil ItemAmount
11,529×2Zelkova log2
21,602×2Zelkova log8
31,588×2Zelkova log2
41,413×2Ice Crystal25
51,442×2Ice Crystal25
61,442×2Ice Crystal25
71,382×2Wind Crystal25
81,413×2Ice Crystal25
91,398×2Wind Crystal25
101,486×2Ice Crystal25
111,471×2Ice Crystal32
121,472×2Ice Crystal25
131,602×2Zelkova log2
141,602×2 Zelkova log2
151,588×2 Zelkova log2
161,573×2Zelkova log8
171,427×2Ice Crystal32
181,427×2Ice Crystal25
191,325×2Wind Crystal25
201,340×3Wind Crystal25

Total I got was Gil: 59,046, Zelkova Log: 26, Wind Crystal: 100, Ice Crystal: 239

What I use: Zelkova Log : 80, Wind Crystal: 100

So what I gain was: Gil: 59,046, Pine log: -54, Wind Crystal: 0, Ice Crystal: 239


This time, seems like all of the leve I tried will be helpful to farm some Crystals. All of the leves requires less materials to deliver. So if you need some crystals, it is worth to try!


  1. Tepes Drakul says:

    I wanted to thank you so much for all your guides, it helped me so much during my leveling and gearing up, it’s still helps to this day. I would give you a big hug if I could! hahaha
    Keep up the good work Vivi! Hoping to see your guides for Endwalker content too =)

    • Vivi says:

      Ohhh thank you so much such a sweet comment, Tepes. I will make more articles when Endwalker releases. Seems like there are a lot of changes on crafters and gatherers. If you see me in the game, don’t hesitate, give me a big hug! hahaha

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